歐甘辣 (OGANNA)

黑色瓶子裡 裝的是什麼?

可能是解渴的液體 可能是某些維他命 可能是創造美麗的說法 可能是撫慰寂寞的元素

靜 默在角落裡 外表看來是一種不透明 不張揚的異常冷靜

然 一旦碰撞他 瓶子裡頓成波濤起伏的智慧海洋

所有在瓶子裡釀製的熱情與才華 便將傾巢而出


黑瓶子裡 裝的究竟是什麼?

我只能告訴你 小心輕放 以策安全 — 因為黑瓶子是不回收的……

The meaning for +OGANNA+ ® is “black bottle”

What’s in +OGANNA+ ® ?
It may be liquid which quench the thirst? It may be some vitamins| May be the sayings about creating beauty| Maybe the elements which comfort your loneliness
Be quiet in the corner it looks like an opaque, quiet, abnormal calm| However, once to be crashed, it suddenly becomes a wavy ocean with wisdom
All the passion and talent in the bottle will be turned out| So what’s in the black bottle?|
I just can tell you, be safe to put it gently  because, the black bottle can’t be recycled.



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